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Corporat Attachment

Unique Advantage:

  • Experience in various functions and industries

  • Acquire knowledge to build interest for university application and career of choice

  • Learning from the industry experts

  • Collaborate with top corporates and popular industries

Skills and Rewards:

  • Learn business and social skills

  • Authoritative certificates

  • Distinctive background knowledge Improvements



Project or Program focused attachment to a corporate to acquire and gain real-world working experience. Participants get to learn from professionals and industry experts about a specific industry, henceforth, building their interest and helping participant with their university discipline selection.

Corporate Project Attachment Growth Path

Personal Interest Exploration

Industry knowledge development

Picture of Career Path

Setting of Positive Influence

Sustainable Impact

Personal Development


Co-operates with over 800 international schools in Asia.


From 2019 to 2020, more than  96,000 students have  participated in our programs.

Why Us ?


Why Us?

Authoritative Certification

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Recognition and certificate from selected corporates

Industry Knowledge and Function Education

Hand-on and direct exposure to the industries knowledge and functional knowledge needed to excel in the role within the company.

Learning from Corporate Managers

Attached and learn directly from Corporate Managers who are currently on the role and get direct mentoring on essential business and social skills.

Project and Problem Based Learning

Assigned to function-related task, including researching and presenting of findings. Participate in workshops and working with team to embark on solution findings.

Upcoming Attachments


Data Analytics

  • Mentor from U.S

  • Referral Letter

  • Professional Skills

  • Leverage multiple financial analytical methods with real financial data

Image by Alexander Shatov

Data Analytics

  • Mentor from a multinational internet company

  • Referral Letter

  • Professional Skills

  • Utilise industry research and analysis skills to synthesis decision making insights


Image by Sean Pollock

Investment Banking Analyst

  • Mentor from U.S

  • Referral Letter

  • Professional Skills

  • Dealing with real business challenges

JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Project Operations Management

  • Mentor from e-commerce giant

  • Referral Letter

  • Professional Skills

  • Maximise productivity and efficiency of project operations.

Jing Dong

Fashion Marketing Management

  • Mentor from a world-renowned luxury fashion  brand

  • Referral Letter

  • Professional Skills

  • Utilise product Management and data analyses practices

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