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Global Summer School

Online Program with Global Elite Universities to learn from the professors or lecturers on the programs offered by the university faculty.  

Certificate, recognized and endorsed by the University, will be issued to participants.


  • Online program exclusively for Asia time zone

  • Authoritative certification for participants

  • Exposure to the topics offered by the universities

International Universities:

  • Online and offline program specially curated

  • Exposure to the program provided by the universities and get accredited to support future application to the university

  • Learning led by lecturers and professors from the university

Summer Schools


Imperial College London | Columbia Business School UC Berkeley |

Oxford University |  New York Film Academy | Advanced College Credit Program


Oxford University

Officially hosted by Mansfield of Oxford University and taught by Oxford professors and instructors, culminating in the awarding of an official certificate of completion to the student. Within two weeks, students can acquire a good knowledge and understanding of the subject they choose. At the end of the class, all the students need finish a thesis and present to the instructors. The best performing students will receive a recommendation letter.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London Online Summer School chooses the most popular majors. It upholds Imperial's
practice oriented educational model, developing teamwork skills, communication skills, and leadership
through group learning and seminars. With design and teamwork challenges, theory with practice to stimulate innovation and practical problem solving skills. Students will meet expert teams, scientists to learn more about professional development and consider their future professional choices.

Columbia Business School

Our summer school will provide participants with the knowledge needed to formulate a strategy and plan for their start ups. Combining theory and real world practices, students will gain the necessary marketing, financial, and management skills to make their business a reality. Besides entrepreneurship, other applicable areas include corporate innovation and new product development.

UC Berkeley

Students are offered a choice of cutting edge topics where students will learn theoretical knowledge, gain a deeper understanding through case studies, and gain critical university academic success skills. The classes will equip the students with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of data and information.


New York Film Academy

Hundreds of students from around the world travel to the United States to participate in the New York Film Academy's film making program every year In 2020 online film making and 3D animation course will be offered to Asian students, making it possible for students to receive a top notch, original American film and television education right in their own country.

Interested in our Global Summer School Programs?

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