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Program Categories

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Global Research Project

Participate and learn about research, writing, presenting and social skills with professional facilitators and trainers. Theme focused on Culture & Heritage, Wildlife and Natural Conservation, Social and Community Services.

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Service Learning

Online and/or Onsite support to the underprivileged children in the rural area.  Share your knowledge and skill through teaching and building your social emotional skill and empathy. Guided by professional teachers. Get award from China Beijing and  ASDAN volunteer certificate.


Corporate Attachment


Global Summer School

Online Program with Global Elite Universities to learn from the professors or lecturers on the programs offered by the university faculty. Certificate, recognized and endorsed by the University, will be issued to participants.


Imperial College | Columbia Business School | UC Berkeley | Oxford University | New York Film Academy


Global Forum and Competitions

Forum and Competitions are opportunities for youth to share and explore ideas, learn new skills and knowledge, build social and team skills. Our Global Forum and Business Simulation Competitions focus on bring youth around the world together to learn and at the same time foster global friendship.


Training and Development

Training and Development program including youth leadership, essential business skills, entrepreneurial mindsets, proactive communication and teamwork etc. Game-based learning such as board game, leadership camp, business simulation system to simulate real work experience.

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