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Develop Cultural Understanding

& Practical Skills

Project Based Learning

The program has been carefully curated in collaboration with industry partners. We are dedicated to preparing skills for the future generations, equipping them for university life and their future careers.

​Why Choose Us

Our goal is to build the next generation of talented individuals who are ready for the future.

Unique Design

With cooperation with professional founders in various industries, we provide the platform for youth to develop a global entrepreneurial mindset.

Certificate of Authority

Get official certificates and accreditations to stand out from your peers for future applications.

Academic Training

Train with experienced business leaders in well-designed programs guided by professional trainers.

What Can You Gain?

Improvement of Core Business Capabilities

Develop effective entrepreneurial acumens such as sales, HR, finance and account management.

Cross Cultural Awareness  

Develop cross-cultural collaboration with participants of different background, knowledge and nationality.

Visit Top 1% Global Corporations To Gain Experience & Knowledge

Attend world-class practical learning programs conducted by professionals and top executives at global corporations.

Program Model

This program is designed to encompass essential business skills along with industry-specific expertise and is delivered through a hybrid model.


The opening ceremony is based on local language and culture, helping participants understand and appreciate different cultures, customs and norms. 

Cultural Exploration

Allowing participants to personally contact local communities, traditions and lifestyles, which help deepen their understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Academic Training

Deepen their understanding of a particular subject area through workshops and discussions led by experts in the field. These discussions will cover local and global issues.

Experiential Learning

Provide participants with hands-on learning opportunities to acquire practical skills and knowledge. Youth can enhance their mastery of knowledge and skills in specific fields


Program Featured



ASUS is a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company founded in 1989. Together with ASUS China, we will explore the importance of social media, understand the importance of product management, and make go-to-market strategies.

Key Trainings:

Marketing and social media in B2C.


Recommendation letter from ASUS and certificate of completion.

Program Duration:

7 days/1 week



Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices with integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services.

Key Trainings:

Digital data management including analysis, evaluation, and optimization


Recommendation letter from HUAWEI and certificate of completion.

Program Duration:

7 days/1 week



Revas Europe was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and educators who wanted to make classroom learning more engaging and simulate real world environment. Revas Business Simulation system is used in many higher institutions for Business and Entrepreneurship classes that prepare students for new challenges in work life.

Key Trainings:

Business and Entrepreneurship


Recommendation letter from REVAS and certificate of completion.

Program Duration:

7 days/1 week

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