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Building Global Future Readiness Skills through Blended Experiential Learning


about Future Readiness

Today‘s education system is losing relevance.  It was built with focuses on IQ, in particular memorization and standardization skills, which can be easily and efficiently obtained from the internet and AI. So what next?


At the Experiential labs, we believe that education should goes beyond classroom, where experience is one of the greatest mentor.  We hope to provide young potential with a safe environment to experience the skills that real world need which is “Experiencing it”. 

3A Future Readiness Navigation Framework


•Self-Awareness and build upon
one's character strength
• Socially-Aware and build upon
one's social impact

• Acquire functional skills &
knowledge in area of interest
• Acquire soft skill & social
acumen needed to be career ready

•Apply knowledge to work-
based projects & internships
•Apply soft skill for effective
teamwork & motivation


Building your self and social awareness skills can contribute as much or more than academic skills to academic achievement, career success and lifelong well-being.

Social Awareness

Socially-Awareness is the ability to understand the social and cultural norms and value that shaped the behavior to build trust, empathy and related to others.

Self Awareness

It is an ability that helps you to recognize and understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Acquire top future readiness skill through participating in our programmes to enrich & upgrade your skills and competencies.