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Business Simulation Challenge 2023

Unleash Your Business Skills in the Ultimate Global Showdown! Join the Online Business Simulation Challenge and Experience the Thrill of Competing in a Risk-Free World of Success!

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Empowering Young Minds: Discover the Key Skills and Opportunities Awaiting You in our Captivating Virtual Business Simulation.

Start day: 1st June, 2023

The Application Has Opened

The Global Online Business Simulation Challenge is now live! Sharpen your business acumen, embrace the thrill of competition, and embark on a virtual journey of success. Apply now and navigate the intricate world of business simulations and showcase your strategic prowess. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit today!

​Why Choose Us

Our goal is to build the next generation of talented individuals who are ready for the future.

Unique Design

With cooperation with professional founders in various industries, we provide the platform for youth to develop a global entrepreneurial mindset.

Certificate of Authority

Get official certificates and accreditations to stand out from your peers for future applications.

Academic Training

Train with experienced business leaders in well-designed programs guided by professional trainers.

What Can You Gain?

Through fun and challenging experience, you can develop a strong sense of curiosity in learning and build global perspectives

Improvement of Core Business Capabilities